Having beautiful hardwood flooring throughout your home is not enough. Each homeowner has to learn how to properly care for it in order to preserve its beauty and to avoid costly repairs or replacements.

How to Maintain the Beauty and Shine of Your Hardwood Floors

  1. Grit is the #1 enemy to the longevity of any wood floor finish. Sweep, vacuum or dust mop as often as possible. Microfiber Mops are the most effective tools for maintaining your hard floor surfaces. Unlike other mopping products which just push the dirt and dust around Microfiber Mops actually pickup and trap the dirt and dust that you are trying to remove.
  2. Use mats or entry rugs at all time at the exterior doors to catch grit.
  3. Some cleaners should be avoided when cleaning your hardwood flooring as they can add a buildup on the surface leaving the wood flooring surface dull. Contact us for more information about these cleaners.
  4. Use area rugs in your high traffic areas.
  5. Protect your floor from excessive sunlight. Over time direct sun light will discolor the floors. You may consider tinting your windows or close curtains and blinds or add sheer drapes to protect your hardwood floor from the sun's intense UV rays.
  6. Limit your pet's access to any finished hard wood flooring as their sharp nails can deeply scratch the surface. Remember; whenever your pet urinates on the floor clean it up right away as pet stains produce irreversible damage.
  7. Keep the heels on shoes in good condition. Heels that have their protective cap missing or worn away exposing the steel support rod will dent any floor surface, even concrete.


Hardwood floors are durable and can last for generations to come if they are well maintained. However, even with the most meticulous care, damages to your beautiful hardwood floor can occur. Direct sunlight streaming through the windows can discolor the wood. Also, ordinary foot traffic, furniture removal and some pets can cause scratches. Over time, the polyurethane can wear down, exposing the wood thus making it even more vulnerable. You can keep your hardwood flooring protected by having them screened and recoated. Contact Royal Wood Flooring and find out if your hardwood flooring needs buffing (screening) and recoating. Royal Wood Flooring can repair almost any damaged hardwood flooring thus returning it back to Its original beauty.

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